Here at OptionStarsGlobal, nothing matters more to us than ensuring our customers have access to as much information on binary trading as possible. From newcomers to intermediates and right through to veterans, we're committed to providing helpful information and educational resources for traders at all levels. Our world-class Trading Academy is packed with informative videos, which are exclusively available to OptionStarsGlobal members and not available anywhere else. What's more, our Academy Leaders and Professional Analysts offer one-to-one telephone consultations for outstanding insights and guidance. Don't already have an account? No problem, simply sign up today and gain immediate access to our incredible archive of educational resources.

Binary V.O.D.

Learn the fundamentals of binary options trading and pick up the basic skills needed to get started in our Beginners V.O.D. section. Discover the advantages of setting up as a binary options trader, while exploring risk management and strategic trading. Even without a day's trading and experience, you'll be trading like a pro in no time! For more experienced traders, check out our full library of Advance V.O.D. resources covering higher-level skills, disciplines and tactics. From identifying trends to carrying out and understanding essential market analysis, it's never been easier to take advanced trading to the next level and beyond.


Explore a wide variety of key topics and market influences in our informative Economics section. Here you'll find insightful teachings on globalisation, interest and inflation, the global financial system, the effects of widespread financial crises and so much more. Investigate the various pressures that can influence binary trading and take your economic understanding to new heights.

Advanced Course

Created specifically for traders of a more advanced level, our advanced course delves much deeper into technical analysis and strategy development. The course brings together the teachings of every other section within our Trading Academy to produce traders of the utmost competence and confidence.

Binary eBook

All OptionStarsGlobal members are provided with access to an outstanding Binary Trading eBook, which covers everything from the history of binary trading to the psychology of the modern investor and so much more. Once again, this invaluable learning resource is available for immediate access upon signing up - 100% free of charge for all members.