Binary Tutorial

Join Today and Start Trading with OptionStarsGlobal in Seven Simple Steps!

OptionStarsGlobal is proud to offer the most powerful, reliable yet comprehensively simple binary options trading platform on the web. We work tirelessly around the clock to deliver a supremely-streamlined approach to binary trading, packed with unique features and suitable for traders at all levels.

With OptionStarsGlobal, it’s a simple seven-step process to trading with a world-class library of assets, not to mention the backing of our market-leading customer care team.

  1. Create an Account with OptionStarsGlobal

We’ve simplified the account-creation process to make things as quick and easy as possible for new customers. It takes just a few minutes to get up and running – it also won’t cost you a penny to sign up. All we need from you are a few basic details, after which you’ll have the option of checking out what’s on offer or depositing funds into your account to begin trading. We take the safety and security of our members extremely seriously – you can rest assured your private data is safe with us!

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  1. Choose Your Asset

It’s then time to decide with which asset or assets you’d like to place your bets. OptionStarsGlobal offers a comprehensive library of assets, packed with the very best stocks, commodities, Forex currency pairs and indices from all over the world. It’s always best to stick with the assets you have a good understanding of, or those you intend to continue working with and studying long-term. Chances of success when trading any assets whatsoever can be positively influenced by carrying out careful market analysis, keeping up to date with the latest developments and monitoring the habits of other traders at all levels.

  1. Choose an Expiry Time

After selecting the asset you’d like to work with, you will then have the option of selecting a predetermined expiry time for the trade. Expiry times range from ultra-short ‘Turbo’ trades of less than one minute, right up to expiry times of a full month. It is entirely up to you as the trader how long you would like the expiry time to be – a decision that should be made in accordance with your own research and predictions. Shorter trades are becoming extremely popular among those chasing immediate results – one-minute trades and 30-second trades in particular.

  1. Analyse and Review

Prior to going ahead and finalising the trade, it is advisable to once again go over the decisions made so far and carry out an intelligent review. In addition, you will need to analyse current market trends and patterns in order to determine exactly what you believe the outcome will be when the trade expires. If you believe the asset price will increase, you hedge your bets accordingly. If your predictions are to the contrary, you position your stake as necessary. The more analysis you carry out and the better-informed you are on relevant matters, the more likely you are of making the right decisions.

OptionStarsGlobal offers members a comprehensive Trading Academy, packed with exclusive tutorials, instructional guides and an outstanding eBook.

  1. Choose an Amount

When the time comes to confirm and buy the option, you will be asked to enter exactly how much you would like to put on the line. Higher stakes offer the chance for higher gains, but at the same time heavier losses in the case of unsuccessful trades. You’ll be able to wager any amount of your choosing from $10 to $5,000, in accordance with both your financial circumstances and the confidence you have in the trade in question. It is also possible (and common among high-level) traders to enter into multiple options at the same time, in order to maximize potential gains.

  1. Buy the Option

After reviewing all important information, you can then purchase the option. You’ll have the choice of digital, range, touch and turbo binary options types – each of which offers fixed returns between 75% and 85% ROI in the case of successful trades.

  1. Await the Result

Once the trade has been entered into, you can monitor the progress of the asses in real-time while awaiting the result. If you are successful, your account will be credited with the relevant returns at the quoted payout percentage. If you are unsuccessful, the invested amount will be lost.

OptionStarsGlobal also offers a range of exclusive features for minimizing risks and maximizing potential returns – see our Binary Options page for more details.