What Are Digital or Binary Options?

The terms “binary options” and “digital options” refer to exactly the same thing.  Simplified as much as possible, binary options are financial trading products where there can only be one of two outcomes, hence ‘binary’. The investor chooses an asset, decides how much money to put on the line and ultimately predicts whether or not they believe the asset in question will increase or decrease in price by specified ‘expiry’ time.  These expiry times can be as short as 30 seconds or stretch in excess of several months – all depending on the binary options service provider in question.

What Do ‘Call’ and ‘Put’ Refer To?

If the investor believes that the price of the asset will rise, they will enter into a ‘Call’ option.  If on the other hand they believe the price will fall, they will enter into a ‘Put’ option. Should their prediction turn out to be correct, the resulting trade is referred to as finishing ‘in the money’. If by contrast the trader is unsuccessful, the trade finishes ‘out of the money’.  It is also possible for the trade to finish as a ‘tie’ where the trade expires at exactly the same rate as when it was entered into, though this is a rare outcome.

Why is Binary Trading So Popular?

As the above information illustrates, the primary point of appeal when it comes to binary trading is its simplicity.  Not only can trades be entered into with results guaranteed in a matter of seconds, but the binary ‘all or nothing’ approach to trading is easy enough for even beginners to understand.  Binary options trading is therefore considered the perfect introduction to the world of trading and investment.

What Is an Underlying Asset?

The term ‘asset’ refers to any product whatsoever that can be used as the basis for any given trade.  In the case of binary options trading, the assets available are usually divided into four categories – indices such as the FTSE and the NASDAQ, commodities like gold, oil and coffee, Forex currency pairs like the GBP/EUR and stocks including Apple, Microsoft and Coca-Cola. Investors choose assets in accordance with their knowledge, predictions, research and market activity at the time.

What Do the Different Colours Mean On the Scrolling Feed?

When information is presented in green, this indicates growth in the rate of the respective asset.  By contrast, red highlights an asset rate that has fallen.

What Is the Time Shown On This Site?

All references to time featured on the OptionStarsGlobal website refer to Greenwich Mean Time, or GMT.  This is the time zone that primarily incorporates the United Kingdom, which can be used for reference purposes.

Where Can I View the Trading Hours of Each Asset?

Every asset available via the OptionStarsGlobal website has strictly limited hours during which trading can take place.  For a full disclosure of trading hours, please see our full asset index page and click the appropriate entry.

Where Can I See My History of Transactions?

In order to access a comprehensive list of your recent and past transactions, simply access the ‘Deposit’ page and select the ‘transaction history’ option. Any suspicious or unusual activity should be reported to the OptionStarsGlobal customer service team immediately.

Where Can I View My Trading History?  

The OptionStarsGlobal website offers a comprehensive ‘Past Expires’ section which can be used to view and research trading histories and activities.

Is It Necessary To Download Software To Begin Trading?

No – the OptionStarsGlobal website can be accessed at any time via your standard web browser and the system does not require any software downloads to be made.  This in turn means that OptionStarsGlobal account holders have the opportunity to access and utilize their accounts from anywhere.

What Is the Difference Between Binary Options and Traditional Options?

The OptionStarsGlobal website has been engineered from the ground up to offer the most exciting, rewarding and beautifully simplified approach to binary options trading. The primary difference between binary options and traditional options lies in the respective complexity of each. Whereas binary options are extraordinarily simple and are therefore accessible and understandable even for outright newcomers, traditional options trading processes can be extremely complicated. What’s more, binary options offer a uniquely fast approach to trading, with expiry times of as little as 1 minute or even 30 seconds.

What Are the OptionStarsGlobal Office Hours?

The OptionStarsGlobal offices are open during the following hours:

  • Monday to Thursday – 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM
  • Friday – 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Sunday – closed all day*All times in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

Which Internet Browsers Work Best With OptionStarsGlobal?

The OptionStarsGlobal binary options trading platform is compatible with most modern web browsers. However, for the best possible experience we recommend using the latest version of Mozilla FireFox or Google Chrome.

Do I Have To Deposit Money In Order To Register With OptionStarsGlobal?

Unlike most binary options brokers, OptionStarsGlobal does not require new members to deposit any funds whatsoever in order to open an account. This way, newcomers have every opportunity to check out exactly what’s on offer and the way the system works before spending a penny. Nevertheless, it will of course be necessary to deposit funds before trading can commence.

Is Trading With OptionStarsGlobal Safe?

One of the primary reasons why OptionStarsGlobal has become an industry leader is the way in which we offer world-class protection and data security as standard. Trade safety represents our number one priority above and beyond everything else, bringing total peace of mind in an era when safety concerns among online traders are both significant and well justified.

OptionStarsGlobal has invested enormous time and effort in the creation of a platform where personal information and financial data are both kept comprehensively private at all times.  We utilize the most advanced physical and electronic security systems and measures available, along with SSL Encryption Technology for credit card deposits. While we cannot guarantee the outcome of any given trades, we can at least promise that your personal information is safe with us.

Please get in touch for further information about security.

When Will My Deposit Appear In My Account?

If you transfer money into your account by way of credit card, debit card or any method other than bank transfer, the funds will appear immediately. If on the other hand you prefer to use bank wire transfers, it can take up to five working days for the funds to become available.

What is the Minimum Opening Balance?

OptionStarsGlobal imposes a minimum opening balance amount of 250 units of your chosen currency.

What Is the Minimum Withdrawal Amount?

Withdrawals requested must satisfy a minimum amount of 30 units of your chosen currency if withdrawing by credit card, or 300 units for bank wire transfer.

Are there any maximum deposit limits?

No – OptionStarsGlobal does not impose any deposit limitations.

What Is the Minimum Amount Accepted For Ongoing Deposits?

All deposits paid into your OptionStarsGlobal account must be at least 250 units of your chosen currency.

How do I request the withdrawal?

Simply access your OptionStarsGlobal account the normal way, select the ’My Account’ tab at the top and choose the ‘Withdrawal Requests’ option from the menu.

How Long Do Withdrawals Take To Process?

Upon initiating a withdrawal request, we will endeavor to ensure that your funds are deposited in your specified account as quickly as possible. All withdrawal transactions are handled with your absolute safety, security and data protection in mind. Withdrawals can be requested for amounts of 30 units of your chosen currency and above. Please note that withdrawals will only be permitted after the membership account in question has been fully verified upon production of the required forms of identification. Withdrawals generally take 5 to 7 business days to process, though this is subject to change.

What Documents Are Required for First Time Withdrawals?

In order for your first and any subsequent withdrawals to be authorized, you will be required to verify your account which involves :

  • A full colour copy of your passport or official national identity card, which must be both valid at the time and submitted in the form of a high definition scan or photographs.
  • A full colour copy of a valid utility bill no more than 90 days old which clearly displays your name and address, which must correspond to the data on both the passport/identity card and your account.
  • In the instance of credit card payments, members are required to send full colour copies of both the front and the back of the card linked to their account. Customers may cover the middle digits of the credit card for additional security, though the initial six digits, the last four digits and the name of the client must be visible. The card must also be signed by the account holder.

Are There any Withdrawal Fees?

Inactive accounts will be subject to a fee of 30 units of the account’s primary currency, as will any second withdrawals made within the same calendar month. However it is possible that your financial institution will charge for the transfer of funds, and so we advise you to check directly with them.

Why Were my Two Withdrawal Requests Combined?

In any instances where multiple withdrawal requests are made within the same 24-hour period using the same payment methods, OptionStarsGlobal reserves the right to combine such requests into a single payment.

Are My OptionStarsGlobal Profits Taxable?

All OptionStarsGlobal customers are legally obliged to manage and oversee their own taxation responsibilities, in accordance with their primary country of residence.

What Currencies Can I Use With OptionStarsGlobal?

Currency types currently accepted by OptionStarsGlobal include EUR / USD / GBP/ CAD / AUD.  Please be aware however that after registration, your chosen currency can no longer be changed.

What is a SWIFT Code?

Every bank has a unique SWIFT identification code which is used to identify any given bank when money is transferred from one bank to another. You can usually find out the SWIFT code of your bank by looking for it on a recent statement, or by getting in touch with the bank and asking directly.

Where Can I View My Account Details?

Simply long into your OptionStarsGlobal membership account the normal way and click on the ‘My Account’ option.

Is It Possible To Amend My Account Information?

Most of your personal information can be changed at any time by accessing your account the normal way, clicking the ‘My Account’ option and accessing the ‘Personal Details’ page.

Can I Open More Than One Account with OptionStarsGlobal?

No – it is strictly forbidden to open more than one OptionStarsGlobal account at any time. If multiple accounts are detected, all accounts may be frozen indefinitely and funds withheld.

Can I Add or Change My Registered Credit Cards?

Yes, by accessing your account the normal way you will be able to add and replace credit cards for both withdrawals and deposits.

Are Transactions Regularly Updated In My Account?

Yes, the details of your transactions can be found detailed in the ‘My Trades’ page of your account and are updated the moment any trades are made.

Why Was My Debit or Credit Card Transaction Declined?

The most common reason for declined card transactions is that of inaccurate or mismatched data. Examples include:

  • An address registered with the card that doesn’t match the address submitted during the transaction.
  • The security code or any other element of the card number has been entered wrongly.
  • The card in question has a balance that has gone close to or beyond its limit and there are no funds available.
  • The amount of the transaction is above the maximum allowed by the card issuer.

You may need to get in touch with your card issuer to check for any problems with your account, or to manually authorize the transaction in the case of larger payments. Once the payment has been authorized, you can repeat your attempt to make the transfer.

How Can Deposits be Made to OptionStarsGlobal Accounts?

Simply open your account the normal way, select the ‘My Account’ menu and choose ‘Cashier’. OptionStarsGlobal accepts a wide variety of payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard Credit and Bank Wire transfers.

For bank wire transfers, you must first speak with your account manager before making your first deposit.