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Privacy Policy

  1. To access, visit and/or use any of the content or services offered by OptionStarsGlobal is to comprehensively agree to abide by all terms within this Privacy Policy and our standard user Terms and Conditions.
  2. Protection of member privacy and security represents a primary concern for OptionStarsGlobal. You will find comprehensive information laid out in this Privacy Policy with regard to how and why we collect our members’ information, what we do with such information and how we ensure all personal data is comprehensively protected.
  3. The content of this Privacy Policy applies to all data entered/submitted by members via the OptionStarsGlobal website, along with personal data communicated by way of telephone. Personal data is required by OptionStarsGlobal in order for members to execute financial transactions, participate in trading activities, receive promotional offers from us and more. Standard data collected on our customers may include full name, home address, date of birth, e-mail address, telephone number, bank account, credit card numbers and more. Your personal information can and must be updated as quickly as possible, in the instance that any recorded details should change or become no longer valid. Simply access your account and alter the details accordingly. For legal purposes however, there are certain elements of personal information that cannot be altered.
  4. Additional information may also be collected by our website, including the logged activities of our members along with dates and times of visits, IP addresses, language settings, web browser choice and more. Our website may also install cookies on your computer – small files which log and save personal preferences in order to improve the overall user experience for future visits. Our cookies will not harm your computer and can be deleted anytime by entering the ‘Settings’ menu on your chosen web browser.
  5. Any personal information retained by OptionStarsGlobal will never be shared with or made available of any other party without your prior consent, with the exceptions of the following circumstances:
  6. i) The information is required by another company owned and operated by OptionStarsGlobal
  7. ii) The information was publicly known before being provided/submitted

iii) The information becomes publicly known after submission

  1. iv) We are required by law to disclose your personal information by and to the relevant authorities, though advance notice will be provided when and where possible
  2. v) The information must be disclosed for protection of our rights
  3. vi) The information is developed independently by us, not in reference to the personal data submitted by members
  4. For the prevention of unauthorized access, maximization of data accuracy and to ensure all information is used appropriately, OptionStarsGlobal operates a wide variety of high-level physical and electronic security systems for the total protection of its customers’ interests.
  5. Use of OptionStarsGlobal’ membership services and its website in general are restricted to individuals over the age of 18 years. No part of the site or any of its services have been designed to appeal to minors.
  6. Cookies can be blocked and all marketing materials can be opted out of upon request.
  7. We reserve the right to alter, subtract from or add to the terms within this Privacy Policy at any time, without being required to give prior notice to our members. It is therefore the responsibility of all traders to periodically check back for important changes to OptionStarsGlobal policy.

For more information or should you have any concerns with regard to our Privacy Policy, get in touch with our service team today on +44 203 807 06 47, or drop us an email anytime at [email protected].


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