Here at OptionStarsGlobal Global, absolutely nothing matters more to us than the total safety and security of our customers. That’s why we follow the strictest account security protocols at all times, investing heavily in the highest-end physical and electronic security systems to safeguard the data of the OptionStarsGlobal Global trading community.

We’ll stop at nothing to ensure that your private data, trading activities and personal information remain 100% safe and watched over at all times.

Encrypted Communications – Safe Use Guidelines

Depending on your choice of web browser, you should ensure that either a key symbol or a closed lock icon is visible either at the top or bottom of the window, before going ahead with any transactions or trading activities.

Along with confirming that the connection is secure, the icon can also be double-clicked for a full outline of the site’s digital certificate. In this instance, the certificate was issued to OptionStarsGlobal Global and the issuing organization is ‘GoDaddy’.


We follow a standard username and password account entry and validation system, making it of the utmost important to protect your personal data. Along with choosing a password that cannot be easily worked out or guessed, you must never under any circumstances write your account access detail down or share them with other people.

It is a good idea to ensure that your password contains a combination of both numbers and letters, along with letters in both upper and lower-case. The more complex your password, the better the security for your account.

Along with ensuring your password is never written down or communicated to others, be aware of who may be around you when accessing your account in a public place.


Never use obvious passwords such as names of pets, dates of birth, place names or standard configurations of letters like QWERTY123. Try to be as creative as possible and use a longer password where appropriate.

Should you believe that your password has been exposed to anyone else at any time, it is your responsibility to change it immediately. In all instances however, passwords should be changed at least once every three months for on-going account security.

Logging Out

Leaving your account open for any period of time while not in active use can be extremely dangerous. As such, just as soon as you have finished for any given sessions, be sure to log out safely and fully.

Information Security Resources in the OptionStarsGlobal Global System

We operate an exceptionally robust firewall to prevent unauthorised access to the system, while transmitting all personal data and key user information using a 128-bit SSL encryption certificate, provided and fully approved by ‘GoDaddy’.

OptionStarsGlobal Global actively and continually monitors and supervises activity and communications across all systems, maintaining comprehensive logs and records at all times. We also implement intensive safety and security checks on a routine basis, with the help of our professional on-site security team.

For more information or should you have any concerns with regard to our security and privacy procedures, get in touch with our service team today on +44 203 807 06 47, or drop us an email anytime at [email protected]